The Kevs – History

We’ve been at it a long time, here’s the highlights of our journey through the decades


Older Lewes residents might remember when The Floyd came to town, but those drug-hazed days may have clouded the memory of what really went down at the Town Hall.

Btw, Lewes FC – we’re still waiting for a thank you for the floodlights.

Pink Floyd with Magnificent Kevens Lewes 68 image
The Kevs Pink Floyd Lewes Town Hall image
The Magnificent Kevens BedPeace with John and Yoko image


One of our earlier jams. Yoko rang and said ‘Everything is beautiful, the trees, Richard Nixon, even you gentlemen’. We heard her fella could play a few tunes but the only ones rockin’ the Hilton that day were the Kevs. Until security threw us out.


Sadly, Depeche Could Get Enough of Kev, who left shortly after this photo was taken and whose age discrimination claim, much like Kev himself, rumbles on.

Depeche Mode Album The Magnificent Kevens Re-writing History image


Live Aid: hello Wembley!

The Kevs have always understood the importance of charity work. Especially since Elton and Bono told us it was the only way to get a knighthood. Our charity work is always low-key. We only play small intimate fundraisers along with our closest friends. For reasons we can’t understand, the Palace has not yet been in touch.


We love a surprise gig! Fun and games at The Swan. No need for amps, our sound bounces off the walls! Loads of fun loads of noise. Our mate Barney on the decks between sets…party on!

The Magnificent Kevens Busking Band Live Music Live at the Swan image
Lamb Lewes MK Billboard 2019 image


It’s tribute band ‘tastic these days, everyone is playing tribute, so we thought we’d best hop on the bandwagon.