The Magnificent Kevens Mugshots Warning Hapless idiots image

THESE men ARE hapless halfwits masquerading as musicians

If spotted, report immediately and post to #ispottedthekevs


The Magnificent Kevens Walkabout Festival Band image

We’re a shameless busking troupe and a walk about band. We like to play amongst an audience rather than on a stage.

We’ve built a bit of a niche for ourselves roaming festival sites and engaging our audience in different locations, often in places where they least expect it. Our set at the Elderflower Festival showers (see photo) a good example of how we like to play.

We cover many genres of music, shamelessly pummelling your favourite tunes and guilty pleasures in our shambolic skiffle style.

We guarantee bringing a smile to peoples’ faces (all ages) and offer a good sing-along-athon.¬†We also invite our audience to join in our Karaoke sessions in a bar of an evening.

The Magnificent Kevens Walkabout Festival Busking Band image

“They walked off the street out of the rain, and took over. Ace!”





The Magnificent Kevens Medusa image
We can trace the The Magnificent Kevens back to a skip, our battered instruments have played many tunes and tell many stories. Under our shambolic appearance there belies many heady decades in the industry (Click here to read our Fake news).

While spreading the joy, we like to leave nothing to waste and reuse and upcycle almost everything that we can (see our bastard festival trike built by genius inventor Mike Patterson)…We like to think our footprint is low but our impact is high!

“We can trace the Magnificent Kevens back to a skip…”